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Poly-Optic 1420 (120lb)

Poly-Optic 1420 (120lb)

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Poly-Optic® 1420 Clear Casting Resin is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that cures (RTV) to a water-clear, Shore D85 plastic. It cures to a tough, impact and heat-resistant plastic that can be polished and machined and is used extensively in prototyping applications. Heat cure (150°F - 180°F) is required to achieve optimum physical properties. When cured at room temperature, the result is a brittle, glass-like casting.

Vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques are recommended for this product. Cure inhibition can occur when casting this resin in tin-cured silicone rubber molds – use a platinum-cured silicone rubber mold if working with silicones.

Mix Ratio 2A:1B by weight

Shore Hardness  D85

Pot Life  15 min.

Demold Time  8 hr. @150°F, 30 min. @ 175°F

Cured Color  Water-Clear

Mixed Viscosity 250 cP

Specific Gravity  1.05

Specific Volume  27.5 in³/lb

Maximum Exotherm 311°F (2-lb mass)

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