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Permalac SR Satin Pint

Permalac SR Satin Pint

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Permalac SR is a one-part, clear, scratch-resistant top coat. This product meets California VOC guidelines. The SR should be applied over a minimum of 2 coats of either Permalac NT or
Permalac Original. This product is available in satin or matte finishes. Shake well before use.

Allow the base layers of lacquer to cure for 1 hour.
Next, apply 1 wet coat of SR using an HVLP spray gun fitted with a 1.3 or 1.4 mm tip. Use 20-25 PSI to fully atomize the product.

Touch Dry
10 minutes
1 hour
24 hours
Force Cure (Under IR Lamp)
2 hours at 150°F, or 30 minutes at 220°F

Cleaning Solvent: Acetone, MEK, NT low-odor thinner

Reducer: No thinner required for most applications.
If ambient temperatures during application exceed 85°F, use NT low-odor thinner (1:8). If ambient humidity exceeds 75%, or the dew point is within 5 degrees of the ambient temperature, use #500 thinner (1:20).
Xylene is not recommended.



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