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Trow & Holden

Complete Air Hose Assemblies

Complete Air Hose Assemblies

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Our pre-assembled Air Hose Assemblies offer a convenient way to connect your Trow & Holden Pneumatic Hammer to your compressor or regulated air flow system.  Each Air Hose Assembly is made of light, highly flexible, and very durable 3/8in air hose, starts and ends with a male 1/4NPT fitting, and includes an inline ABS stopcock valve for controlling air flow.

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Air Hose Assemblies in a variety of lengths:  

  • Full-length Air Hose Assemblies are available in 10ft increments, include all of the components listed above, and have the stopcock installed about 2ft from one end of the Air Hose.  This keeps your air control valve within convenient reach while operating your Pneumatic Hammer.
  • Whips are short Air Hose Assemblies that include all the components of a full-length assembly without the excess length of hose. Whips are available as a 2ft or 4ft assembly.  Whips are particularly convenient for customers who may not always be working in their own work space, and want to optimize their air hose and hammer configuration without the burden of unnecessary excess hose. 
  • Full-length Air Hose Assemblies: 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft
    • male 1/4NPT end fittings
    • ABS stopcock air valve (standard)
  • Whip Air Hose Assemblies: 2ft, 4ft
    • male 1/4NPT end fittings
    • ABS stopcock air valve (standard)
  • Brass stopcock air valve SPECIAL ORDER
  • Staubli Quick Connects - 1/4NPT SPECIAL ORDER
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