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Chasing Tools 16 Piece Starter Chasing Tool Set #2

Chasing Tools 16 Piece Starter Chasing Tool Set #2

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Straight liners/tracers
A1 Small
A4 Large

Curved liners/tracers
B1 Small
B4 Large

C1 Small Rectangle
C3 Intermediate Rectangle
E2 Small oval
E3 Large oval
F1 Medium tear drop
G1 Intermediate triangle

H2 Large oval
H3 Small oval
I1 Intermediate rectangle
J1 Intermediate square

Matting Textures
K1 Raised points rectangle
K2 Honey comb almond

("Intermediate" and "medium" refer to the relative size of the tool face.)

This 16 piece set of chasing tools is a select grouping chosen from the full 25 piece core set and is perfect for aspiring chasers. This grouping allows a medium range of capabilities for many different chasing motifs and includes two matting texture tools. To expand the range of capabilities, add the 9 piece basic set to complete the 25 piece core set.

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