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Autoborne Sealers

Autoborne Sealers

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Sealer-primer for use as starting ground coat when painting hard-surfaces.  Compatible with all Createx paints.

AutoBorne is a low-build sealer XXX

Apply direct to primer or substrate as starting ground coat.  AutoBorne Sealer dries fast and level, with excellent adhesion.  Createx paints dry to a more level coating and are much less prone to peeling during taping when applied over AutoBorne Sealer.

AutoBorne Sealer sands well, shaving into fine particulates when dry sanded with 600 – 1000 grit sandpaper. Although sanding is not required for adhesion before applying paint, AutoBorne Sealer can be lightly dry sanded to remove any texture, if needed, before applying paint.

Set-Up & Mixing

Thin with 4011 Reducer added 5% - 10% per volume to AutoBorne Sealer.  Allow reduced sealer 10+ minutes to acclimate for best flow and leveling.

Airbrush: Large / 0.5+ mm tip size, spray 25 – 30+ psi

  • Reduction amounts are guidelines. Test what works

best for flow. It’s OK to reduce AutoBorne Sealer up to 20% per volume with an airbrush. Avoid excessive reduction so as not to affect adhesion.


Scuff substrate or primer 400 – 800 grit sandpaper.
Clean using a solvent or water-based degreaser.  Excessive cleaning is not required, often a simple wipe with a lint free tack-cloth is enough.
Sanding is not required prior to applying paint.


Refer to Hard-Surface & Automotive Application Guide for complete application information.

Spray-Gun: 1.2 – 1.4mm tip-size
Mini-Gun: 1.2mm tip-size
Follow manufacturer’s psi settings

Substrates / Surfaces

Apply Sealers direct to any substrate except silicone.

AutoBorne Sealer is excellent direct to:

  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • 3D Print Material: PLA, ABS & Nylon
  • Urethane Resin Case
  • Ceramic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Most any substrate
  • Metal : Use a 2k (catalyzed) epoxy or urethane, direct-to-metal primer. Apply AutoBorne Sealer for automotive & edge-to-edge metal priming, especially in exterior conditions.

Apply with a 50/50 over-lapping pattern. AutoBorne Sealer may be applied in heavier, medium-wet coats compared to Createx paints. Allow sealer to dry matte before recoating or applying Createx paint.


AutoBorne Sealer cover opaque in 2 - 3coats.

On average, 1-Gallon of 6001 White, 6002 Black, 6003 Grey, 6008 Blue (GS) and 6013 Silver Sealer covers 400 square feet.

For other colors, coverage is improved by mixing with 6001 White. This is recommended for applications such as complete vehicle refinishing over a primed substrate with a mix of:
6001 White 2:1 Sealer Color.
Optional: Apply same color neat (not mixed with 6001 White) over this for base color.

Drying Times & Humidity

Estimated drying times are set at 70⁰F / 21⁰C and 50% relative humidity (RH).  Allow for extended drying times in colder or humid conditions. Painting in temperatures under 60⁰F / 16⁰C.
Re-coat times: 5 – 10 minutes
Drying time before applying Createx paint: 20 – 30 minutes
Allowing Sealers enough time to form a hard surface for top-coated colors to flow over for a smooth, flat finish.

There are no time windows.  Createx paints may be applied over Sealer anytime without scuffing required for adhesion.

When painting in humid conditions, mix 4020 Reducer with 4011 Reducer to assist evaporation of water while Sealer dries.


AutoBorne Sealer does not have to be scuffed or sanded prior to applying any Createx Colors paint or other paint type.
Sealers can be dry sanded, with material shaving easily shaving off using 600 – 1000 grit sandpaper. If Sealers appear to “roll” in paper, allow for more drying until they shave off finely.
Wet sanding is not recommended. Dry sand only.

6013 Silver Sealer is intended for use as a ground coat (base coat) for Aluminum Colors, as well as pearlized and metallic silvers.
6013 Silver Sealer works well as base for Aluminum Colors and Metallic and Pearlized Silvers from any Createx paint brand.
Silvers look evenly distributed (orientated) when applied over 6013 Silver Sealer, which itself is a silver with a very low metallic count.  Top-coated silvers not only cover quick and avoiding excess build-up, but also get the benefit of a little bit of hiding in areas where application was inconsistent.

Cleaning AutoBorne Sealers

AutoBorne Sealers can be cleaned with a solvent-based degreaser. Cleaning is not usually required prior to top-coating with Createx paint.
Allow Sealer 30-minutes or more prior to cleaning.

Cleaning Equipment

Use warm water and 4011 Reducer to clean and rinse gun in between colors when using. 
Use 4008 Restorer as a final cleaner to remove any dried paint from the airbrush or spray-gun’s metallic parts after painting.

Pot-Life & Storage

AutoBorne Sealers do not have a pot life after mixing with 4011 Reducer. 
Store sealers air-tight in a cool, dry environment away from direct light.  Long-term storage of paint after adding 4011 Reducer is not recommended. Best stored in temperatures between 60 – 80 degrees F.
Avoid freezing.  AutoBorne Sealers will not thaw back in good condition if allowed to freeze.

Health & Safety

Use in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after use.  Do not ingest. When spraying or sanding, use a properly fitted respirator per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Eye contact: Rinse with clean water for 15 minutes.  Seek medical attention.
Use in in well ventilated areas and wear a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator.
Refer to AutoBorne Sealer SDS for additional information.

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