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Art Pro Epoxy

Art Pro Epoxy

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Art Pro is an easy to use, low viscosity system resin art epoxy that provides an extended working time that allows users to create beautiful, high gloss pieces of art resin. For use with pigment powders, alcohol ink and acrylic paints to create a wide range of stunning resin art.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • 60 min working time at 75˚F
  • Improved UV stability
  • Great flow for color blending

For best results all materials and workspace should be maintained at 70F-80F. Epoxy is a temperature sensitive material.
When cool it’s thicker and sets slower. When warm it’s thinner and sets faster. When the material or working conditions are
below 70F, Art Pro may become too viscous to properly release air and self-level. Working in conditions with material above
80F, Art Pro may set too quickly and become too hot and exotherm, which could cause it to yellow, distort or crack.

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contamination. Contaminants include, but are not limited to dust, oil, moisture, sap,
lint, and sanding debris. Allow paint and other elements to fully dry before overcoating with epoxy, preform small scale cure
test if unsure about compatibility. Do not use paper towels, dirty rags, contaminated sandpaper, or touch the surface with oily
fingers. Sand as needed and clean off sanding debris. Wipe surface down with a clean cotton t-shirt rag soaked in an oil free
solvent like denatured alcohol prior to applying epoxy seal coat. Always use clean dry tools for mixing and applying.

Combine 1-part Art Pro Resin to 1-part Art Pro Hardener (1A:1B) by volume, or 100-parts resin to 84-parts hardener (100A:84B)
by weight. Using the recommended mix ratio is VERY important when using epoxy. DO NOT deviate to attempt to speed up
or slow down the gel time. Mix 1-2 minutes while scraping sides and bottom of container occasionally until no streaks or
striations. Add colored pigment powder or dye to mixture if desired. Transfer to second clean/dust free container, and mix 1-
2 minutes again until fully blended. Let sit for 1-2 minutes to allow air bubbles a chance to start rising to surface, and then use
immediately. Do not scrape from the bottom or sides when pouring as this can introduce unmixed material to your project.
Take extra care not to whip in excess air. The whole mixing process shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes. If the mixed
material starts to get warm, that’s your last warning the curing reaction is starting to take place and you need to get the epoxy
poured onto your surface ASAP.

Store between 60-90F in a dry place. After use, tightly reseal all containers and store products on a raised surface during cold
weather and avoid storing near outside walls or doors. If available, Purge with dry nitrogen to preserve color and minimize
moisture contamination. Do not allow to freeze during winter storage. Do not use material with any signs of crystallization
such as solid chunks, grainy texture or white color. Crystallization can be reversed by heating the material to 125-140F, and
stirring occasionally, until all crystals dissolve.

Wear protective gloves, clothing, and eye/face protection. Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact to
the skin and eyes. Avoid breathing dust, fumes, gas mist, vapors and spray. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Take off
contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. These products may cause skin and respiratory allergic reactions. Consult
product Safety Data Sheets for complete precautions for use of this product.

Detailed Instructions

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