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ARM-25 Rotocast Machine

ARM-25 Rotocast Machine

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The ARM-25 is a robust, compact, economical rotocasting machine that enables manufacturers, prototypers, artisans, engineers and inventors to cast lightweight hollow parts from two part room temperature curing resins and mediums. Materials that can be cast include: urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, cement and gypsum products.

Examples of rotocast pars include: bottles, reservoirs, cases, containers, displays, etc...

Machine size (including safety cage):

L: 43" (109cm) W: 36" (92cm) H: 35" (89cm) Weight: 150lbs.

Mold Capacity:

  • Weight: 25lbs (12kg) Balanced
  • Diameter: 15" (34cm)
  • Height: 16" (36cm)

Electrical: 110V 60Hz 5Amps


1/8Hp continuous duty DC on both axis

Individually controlled axis:

  • Major Axis RPM 0-15
  • Minor Axis RPM 0-15

Automatic shut off if cage is opened. Emergency shut-off switch with redundant electrical shut down.

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