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XL Gel 4oz Liver Of Sulphur

XL Gel 4oz Liver Of Sulphur

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Liver of Sulphur eXtended Life Gel is formulated for extended shelf life, versatility& convenience. XL Gel is used to patina metals such as silver, copper, bronze, metal clay. Its shelf life is many times that of dry liver of sulphur. XL Gel is non - flammable, poses no dry inhalation hazard and may be used in its ready form by brushing it onto objects. 2 fl oz container will make 12 - 12 fl oz / 350 ml portions of dark patina.


  • Stir before use for consistent results.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of XL Gel per 12 fl oz/350 ml heated water 
  • (approx 140°F /60°C) for darkest patina.
  • Adjust  solution mixture ratio for desired effect & volume of solution.
  • XL Gel may be used in its ready form by brushing. 

WARNING: Contact with:

Skin - wash with water,

Eye - flush with water,

Swallow - give water or milk & induce vomiting.

Incompatible with strong acids & alcohols. 

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