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Akemi Anti-Graffiti

Akemi Anti-Graffiti

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Used as a protective coating on façades, buildings, monuments etc. made of natural and artificial stone, concrete, brick and clinker. Graffiti, paint scrawlings and felt-tip pen ink can be easily removed.

Protecting & Impregnating Graffiti protection

Surface Rough, Ground, Satinated, Bush-hammered, Sand blasted, Antique, Sawn, Raugh sawn, Rough, Flamed

Chemical basis Water-based

Method of application Wide brush, Mop, Spraying application

PH value PH neutral

Material Natural stone, Concrete ashlar

Area of application Gravestone & monument, Facade, Wall

Concentration Ready-to-use

Coverage: 100 - 500 g/m² or 2 - 10 m²/liter, depending onthe absorbency of the surface
Colour: milky-white, after drying: transparent
pH value: approx. 7
Density: approx. 1 g/cm³



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