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Akemi 2012 Polish Liter

Akemi 2012 Polish Liter

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Polishing Fluid No. 10-2012

fast-drying product, solvent-containing product made of high-quality waxes and synthetic resins (free of trichloroethylene and CHC), intensifies the colour of the stone

Polishing and care product to protect all kinds of natural and artificial stone. It can be polished up well and renewed as required. For indoor use. Also suited for cotto, terracotta and terres quites surfaces as well as unglazed clay tiles and bricks.

Increasing of gloss
Flooring, Small surfaces
Fine-ground, Satinated, Antique, Polished
Chemical basis
Method of application
Felt, Lambskin, Flex, Angle grinder, Single disc machine, Machine
Natural stone, Marble and limestone, Granite, Terrazzo, Cotto
Area of application
Flooring & stairs

Instructions for Use: 1. Clean the surfaces thoroughly with AKEMI® Stone Cleaner. They must be clean and absolutely dry before use of AKEMI ® Polishing Fluid No. 10-2012. Ideal temperature for application 15 - 25°C.
2. Apply a thin layer with a cloth or brush, for larger areas apply with a mop.
3. Repeat application on very absorbent, non-polished surfaces.
4. Polish surfaces with a soft cloth or a white nylon pad and a floor polishing machine when their appearance has become dull.
5. For regular cleaning use AKEMI ® Mild Stone Soap.
Special Notes: - For professional use only.
- Use afin® Liquid Glove to protect your hands.
- Objects in the working area which are not resistant to solvents, s.a. various synthetic materials, rubber, lacquered areas, must be
- At temperatures below 9°C the product becomes viscous, below 0°C it becomes almost solid.
- Storage at a temperature of 15°C will render it ready to be worked again.
- Apply the product in a thin layer, only, otherwise the surface will not take a good polish.
- Films of polishing fluid can be removed by AKEMI ® Wax Stripper.
- For proper waste disposal, the container must be completely emptied.
- Recycling in accordance with the guidelines of EU Decision 97/129 EC on the Packaging Directive 94/62/EC.

Technical Data:

Colour: Slightly yellowish
Coverage: approx. 15 - 30 m²/liter
Density: approx. 0.75 g/cm³




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