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Permastone 50lb Box

Permastone 50lb Box

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ACTÍVA Permastone mixes easily with water and reproduces the finest detail. Permastone is the ideal casting compound when permanent break-resistant castings are desired. It handles like plaster and has a stone-like finish.

Even if it happens to break, the fracture is clean and easily glued/fixed. It can be painted as it dries white with acrylics, oils, watercolors, tempera or any other finish!

Add 1 ½ parts Permastone into 1 part cold water in a clean disposable mixing container or bag. Mix gently and slowly until you reach a pancake batter consistency (to speed up setting time use warm water instead of cold). 2. Pour mixture into prepared mold, then gently tap or vibrate mold to release air bubbles.



Permastone is microwavable, non-toxic and water resistant.

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