USG Tuf-Stone 25lb Box

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USG Tuf-Stone™ Gypsum Cement is formulated with polymers and fibers to withstand nearly three times the impact pressure of standard materials. Designed for solid cast interior giftware applications, high-strength USG Tuf-Stone™ Gypsum Cement:

  • Is exceptionally resilient and chip-resistant
  • Is compatible with numerous color pigments, making it an excellent alternative to resin products in solid casting operations
  • Sets in 25-35 minutes after machine mixing (NOTE — It can only be mixed by a batch process, not by a continuous process mixer or by hand)
  • Requires 32 parts water by weight per 100 parts plaster.

NOTE — For best storage results, keep indoors in a dry, stable environment, away from drafts. Do not stack more than two pallets high.

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