Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 385 Gallon Kit Special Order

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Smooth-Cast® 385 is a mineral filled urethane casting resin that is very hard and durable. When Parts A and B are mixed in proper proportion (1A:5B by weight), the material cures at room temperature with virtually no shrinkage. Smooth-Cast® 385 has high compressive and flexural strength. Fully cured castings are tough, machinable and paintable. Color effects are possible by adding pigment dispersions. They resist moisture and mild solvents. 
Smooth-Cast® 385 is ideal for making industrial production parts, foundry patterns, vacuum forming molds, and some ceramic applications.

  • Smooth-Cast® 385 - 2 hour demold time

Color   Comp.Strength   Mixed Viscosity     Pot Life    Tensile Strength    Ultimate Shore Hardness     Weight: CU.IN./LB
Beige         8500 psi         3000 cps            20 min.          3100 psi                              85D                             17.3

*gallon kit and trials sizes are pictured. 

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