Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 327 10 Gallon Kit

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Smooth-Cast® ColorMatch® plastics are fast-cast resins that were developed specifically for adding color pigments and fillers to achieve true color representation or filler effect. The ColorMatch® Series is formulated "color neutral". Small amounts of pigment will yield accurate, vivid colors from cured castings (use of Smooth-On SO-Strong® pigments is highly recommended). Because of its neutral color, the ColorMatch® Series is ideal for creating marble and wood grain casting effects, or duplicating the look of real metal by adding bronze, brass or other metal powder.

  • Smooth-Cast® 325 ColorMatch® - 10 minute demold time
  • Smooth-Cast® 326 ColorMatch® - 60 minute demold time
  • Smooth-Cast® 327 ColorMatch® - 2-4 hour demold time

Product Name:A:B Mix Ratio   Color         Comp. Strength  Mixed Viscosity    Pot Life       Tensile Strength   Shore Hardness    CU.IN./LB

Smooth-Cast® 3251:1 Volume Clear Amber      4500 psi              100 cps            3 min.              3170 psi                     72D                    25.9    

Smooth-Cast® 3261:1 Volume Clear Amber      4500 psi              100 cps            7 min.              3170 psi                     72D                    25.9  

Smooth-Cast® 3271:1 Volume Clear Amber      4500 psi              100 cps            20 min.            3170 psi                     72D                    25.9 

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