Smooth-On PoYo Putty Gallon Kit

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Poyo putties are two-component, tin-cure silicone putties that can be applied "on-site"--directly to almost any model; capturing the finest detail and curing within minutes. PoYo® Putty has been used to make molds of valuable antiques and archeological models and can be used to make fast molds of sculpture, prototypes, candles, picture frames, coins, etc. You can cast wax, gypsum and a variety of resins into PoYo Putty molds.

Mix Ratio: 100A:6B by weight or 20A:1B by volume Mixed Viscosity: Putty Specific Gravity, g/cc: 1.30 (ASTM D-1475) Specific Volume, cu. in./lb.: 21.31 (ASTM D-1475) Pot Life: 3-5 minutes (73°F/23°C) (ASTM D-2471) Cure time: 30 minutes (73°F/23°C) Color: Light Pink Shore A Hardness: 40 (ASTM D-2240) Tensile Strength, psi: 450 (ASTM D-412) Elongation @ Break: 250% (ASTM D-412) Die B Tear Strength, pli: 85 (ASTM D-624) Shrinkage, in./in.: 0.003 (ASTM D-2566) Useful Temp. Range: -65°F to 400°F (-53°C to 205°C) * All values measured after 7 days at 73°F/23°C

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