Smooth-On EZ-Spray Jr Gun Special Order

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The EZ-Spray® Jr. gun is a versatile, convenient and easy-to-use spray system for spraying 1500 ml cartridges of EZ-Spray® coating, mold making and casting materials for large projects. Enjoy the benefits of lower cost in the short-run (no “up front” expense to buy a spray machine costing $25,000).

The EZ-Spray® Jr. gun is convenient & easy to use, saves time & labor costs over hand-application methods and The EZ-Spray® Jr. gun requires virtually no cleaning or maintenance to operate. The EZ-Spray® Jr. gun comes with 1 small tip assembly and 1 large tip assembly.

Additional static mixers are available. Compressor not included.

If making a mold of an exceptionally large model or making large molds on a regular basis, you may want to consider investing in a machine that will spray mold rubber (such as the EZ Spray system). Smooth-On customers have been spraying mold rubber since the late 1970's. The Advantages Of Spraying Mold Rubber: Mold rubber is mixed and dispensed by machine automatically. It is applied to the model surface in a uniform thickness in a fraction of the time it takes one or more people to brush-on the mold rubber by hand. The labor and time associated with mixing and applying is greatly reduced.

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