Smooth-On EpoxAcast 655 Medium Gallon Kit

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EpoxAcast® 655 (formerly Metalset® A-30) is a versatile aluminum filled castable epoxy resin that is very hard and strong.  It is dimensionally stable, even when mass cast up to 512 in3/ 8,390 cm3. Different hardener speed options are available depending on your project requirements. Maximum heat resistance is achieved using HT HIGH TEMP hardener (up to 225°F/108°C).

Cured EpoxAcast® 655 epoxy has high physical properties and is used for a variety of applications including making hard tooling, vacuum forming dies/molds, injection molds, foundry patterns, jigs and fixtures and metal forming dies. 

EpoxAcast 655 w/ 102 Hardener

  • 100A:11B by weight
  • Grey
  • 12500 psi
  • 75 min./9 hour
  • 23000 cps
  • 4810 psi
  • 90D

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