Smooth-On Ecoflex Gel Trial Kit

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Ecoflex® GEL is an extremely soft, platinum silicone rubber gel specifically designed for creating silicone makeup appliances, for cushioning, creating gaskets, encapsulation, and other applications requiring a very soft silicone material. 


Ecoflex® GEL has a Shore hardness of 000-35, this is below the Shore 00 hardness scale. Because Ecoflex® GEL is so soft, it works very well as a silicone gel for filling encapsulated silicone makeup appliances and prosthetics. An infinite number of color effects can be achieved by addingSilc Pig® silicone pigments.

As Ecoflex GEL is very tacky when cured, in some situations, it is recommended that Ecoflex® GEL be encapsulated with another non-tacky platinum silicone such as Dragon Skin FX Pro, or another suitable membrane. Ecoflex® GEL is mixed 1A:1B by weight or volume. Rubber cures at room temperature (73°F / 23°C) with negligible shrinkage.

  • Mix Ratio By Weight1A:1B
  • Mix Ratio By Volume1A:1B
  • Specific Gravity0.98 g/cc
  • Specific Volume28 cu. in./lb.
  • Pot Life15 minutes
  • Cure Time2 hours
  • ColorTranslucent
  • Shore A Hardness000-35
  • Elongation @ Break>1000 %
  • Shrinkage<.001 in. / in.
  • Mixed Viscosity9,300 cps
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