Smooth-On Aquacon Gallon

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AquaCon®Water Based Concrete Release Agent

AquaCon® aids in releasing concrete castings from Smooth-On rubber molds and other surfaces such as melamine, metal and non-porous (sealed) wood. It provides a clean, positive release, does not interfere with color or surface detail and helps minimize bug holes and air bubbles in finished castings.

AquaCon® Advantages

  • Low Cost – Use straight or dilute with water (up to 8 parts with water).
  • Water Based, Eco-Friendly – No VOC’s, carcinogens or oils harmful to the environment.
  • Does Not Stain Concrete, affect color surface detail or finishing.
  • Minimizes “Bug Holes” and air bubbles.
  • Contains No Oils that will cause rubber molds to soften, shrink or swell.
  • Keeps Molds Clean – Does not build up.
  • Extends Mold Life
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