SAM SAM Skin and Hair Detail Pigment Powder Set

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12 x 1/10th ounce glass jars
6 Classic Earth Colors, Hot & Cool Red, Blue,
Black, White and Buff. 
For a limited time the set will come with a Free 2 ounce jar of Buff Oxide and 12 Mini Scoops!!!

As a pigment family, EARTH COLORS are the tried and true backbone of permanent colors.

Used in ancient cave paintings, Earth Colors are natural occurring minerals.
Minerals from the Earth. Hence they term ‘Earth Colors’. Basically, they are clean dirt.
Traditionally used in painting for wood, stone and skin tones.
The most permanent of pigments - Earth Colors do not fade from exposure to sunlight.
Unlike vivid synthetic colors, Earth Colors are naturally muted.
This makes them ideal starting points for a wide range of natural looking colorations and toning.
Like skin.
SKIN TONES: Natural skin color is never very bright. It has a grayed tone to it.
Human skin tones span a narrow range of muted pinks, oranges, beiges and browns.
Using Earth Colors, just about any realistic skin, wood and stone color can be made.
From the lightest pink to the deepest brown skin color, from pine to rosewood, granite to marble

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