Ransom & Randolph SuspendaSlurry® FS Binder 5 Gallon (60lbs)

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SUSPENDASLURRY materials are pre-mixed when they leave the R&R manufacturing facility. The risk of operator error in adding the proper amounts of flour to a binder is eliminated, as are the labor time and costs associated with this step of the process. A standard slurry can take a day or more to wet-out before dipping can start. SUSPENDASLURRY materials can be remixed in minutes, often by hand, and used immediately upon opening.

· Reduce expense and equipment maintenance - no propeller mixers required to wetout refractory.

· Reduce labor costs associated with weighing and mixing flour and binder components.

· Eliminate time wasted waiting for a slurry to wet-out

Choosing the Right Material SUSPENDASLURRY materials are available for non-ferrous and ferrous metal casting.

· Non-ferrous metals: SUSPENDASLURRY FS material is recommended for both initial and backup coats.

· Ferrous metals: SUSPENDASLURRY ZR material is recommended for initial coats; for backup coats, use SUSPENDASLURRY FS material.

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