PSI InstaCrete 4oz Tube

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INSTACRETE�� is a hand-mixable, fast curing epoxy putty that mixes in one minute to provide permanent repairs to concrete. INSTACRETE�� can be drilled, sawed, sanded, filed, tapped, machined or painted. It comes in a "tootsie roll" form with the curing agent encapsulated in the contrasting color base material. Its modeling dough-like consistency eliminates drips and runs, providing "no mess" applications with no tools required for use. Basic Uses - After proper mixing, INSTACRETE�� can be used for 1001 industrial purposes including repair and replacement of wall tile; patching chipped concrete, floors, bricks, blocks; sealing tie rod holes; anchoring, and many, many more applications. Color - Concrete Gray. Packaging - INSTACRETE�� is packed in a reusable clear plastic tube with a plastic friction top.

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