Price-Driscoll Corp Polyester Parfilm Ultra 4 12oz Spray Can

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Polyester Parfilm mold release is a micro-thin, film-forming release agent formulated expressly for polyester resin systems, filled polyester resins and fiberglass reinforced polyester. Its film-forming ability inhibits the migration of the monomer catalyst, impedes the degradation of the mold and yields longer mold life. Heat stable to 600F. The Ultra 4 group of mold releases is a new concept of solvent-less mold releases engineered specifically for plastics that exhibit heightened solvent sensitivity. Release agent deposition is fast, dry, and quick; therefore, it will not affect solvent-sensitive plastics as other mold releases with aggressive solvents may. The release agents are the same time proven and reliable actives found in our other Ultra mold releases. Use Ultra 4 with complete confidence. Features and Benefits: New generation of solvent free, premium mold releases. No time lost waiting for solvent to evaporate for faster molding cycles. Net weight of a full 12 ounces per can. All active ingredients are heavy duty, low-odor and field proven to be the most effective for their specific plastics. Level I Aerosol for easy, convenient and on-site storage. EPA compliant: Non-flammable (by ASTM D3065-01 Aerosol Standard Test Method *), NON-CFC and NON-HCFC.

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