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In short, the surface must first be thoroughly cleaned of all oil and excess scale. The black finish is then applied, rinsed, dried and sealed with a topcoat appropriate to the end use of the article:

1.CLEAN the metal surface, using a solvent that does not leave a residue. Use alcohol, acetone, lacquer thinner or equivalent (Do not use mineral spirits or kerosene).

2.REMOVE OXIDES, if necessary, by bead blasting, or use other abrasive cleaning methods, such as buffing with Scotchbrite abrasive pads or flapwheels. Most stainless steels have significantly improved adhesion with media blasting or sanding.

3.APPLY PRESTO BLACK SSB solution to the metal surface by brush, swab or spray techniques (using a plastic pump sprayer). For best results, apply a thin film of solution on the surface, and then re-apply a few more times during the course of the reaction in order to “replenish” the supply of chemicals working on the metal. A light-duty flooding technique usually works best. For large surfaces, apply the SSB solution with a wide applicator or with a pump sprayer to facilitate wetting a larger area in a few seconds. Continue application until a uniform gray/black finish is achieved. DO NOT LET THE SSB SOLUTION DRY ON THE SURFACE, oxidation or corrosion can occur.

4.STOP THE REACTION by sponging the surface with water to remove blackening residues. Note: Flash rusting/oxidation can occur easily, at times. To avoid the this, have a baking soda solution pre-mixed and ready to apply as a second rinse (mix 3 tablespoons per gallon of warm water) to neutralize the surface. This will inhibit the oxidation tendency.

5.Rinse again thoroughly with water if baking-soda rinse water mixture is used.

6.FORCE DRY the surface with compressed air and seal with appropriate topical treatment.


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