Polytek PlatSil Gel 0020 Trial (2lb)

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PlatSil Gel-0020 is the latest addition to Polytek’s industry-standard PlatSil Gel-10 product line. PlatSil Gel-00 is similar to Gel-10 in all respects except in its Shore hardness (or should we say softness). Gel-0020 is measured on the Shore 00 scale as a 00-20. It offers the same 1:1 mix ratio, 40 minute working time and 2 hour demold and can be thickened with PlatThix for brushing, slowed down for a longer working time with PlatSil 71R and, maybe most importantly, Gel-OO can be “deadened” with Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener”.

Specifications & Product Information


Mix Ratio

Shore Hardness

Pour Time

Cured Color

Mixed Viscosity

Specific Volume

Demold Time

Shrinkage Upon Cure

1A:1B by weight or volume


40 min.

Milky White

3,900 cP

26 in³/lb

2 hr.


Contamination from sulfur (e.g., sulfur-based clay), amines, tin compounds, cured polyester resin, some paints and some silicone rubbers may inhibit surface cure of platinum-cured rubbers. For additional physical property specifications, refer to the Physical Properties Bulletin.
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