Paramelt Wax Sprue Red Round Cored 1'' 35lb case

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We offer virgin runner/gating waxes with excellent mechanical strength, low melt points, low viscosities, and ease of use in assembly with excellent dewaxing properties. When switching to a system wax from virgin pattern or gating waxes, our technical support staff can help you evaluate the cost/performance benefits. Red extrusion wax is designed for multiple use for runner systems and gating. Material can be shaped and cut to desired length and configuration. Its low melting point allows for quick elimination form the molds. This wax is fully reclaimable.

These are wax lengths for bronze casting that come cored or solid in red. They can also be used as the armature when sculpting directly in wax for lost wax casting. 24in. lengths.

Ferris Red Sprue  
This is our most flexible wax sprue rod featuring a regular hardness and a low melting temperature.

Technical Data               

Congealing Point (°F/°C)  145/62.8

Drop Melt Point (°F/°C)    160/71.1

Penetration @ 25°C 450g (dmm) 30.0

Ash Content (%,w/w)      <0.0075 


Store material in cool dry conditions and away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Product remains stable at room temperatures.

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