Rainbow Oxalic Acid 1lb

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RAINBOW OXALIC ACID is one of the finest bleaching agents, especially for use on wood.  It is also an effective rust stain remover and can be used to remove stains and dirt that more mild bleaching agents can't.


  • Wood bleach
  • Rust stain remover for concrete, clothing, toilet bowls and other porcelain surfaces
  • Dissolves easily and quickly
  • Bleaches quickly and thoroughly

Surface Preparation: 
Before bleaching wood, all old paint and varnish must be removed.

For bleaching wood, slowly add 1 pound of OXALIC ACID to 1 gallon of hot water and stir until completely dissolved.  Use only a glass or plastic container as OXALIC ACID will etch galvanized surfaces.

One pound of OXALIC ACID will yield one gallon  of bleaching solution.

Directions:                          Wood Bleach 
Apply with a mop or scrub brush and allow the solution to remain on the surface until it is thoroughly bleached.  Several applications may 
be needed until the desired color is reached. When wood is bleached to your satisfaction, wash surface thoroughly with clean water.  To neutralize any remaining acid, wash the surface with a solution of 3 ounces of borax per gallon of water. Rinse with hot water and allow to thoroughly dry before applying finish coat of paint or varnish.

Directions:           Rust Stain Remover 
Wet the stain and sprinkle OXALIC ACID on it.  Rub with a wet cloth, sponge or brush until stain has vanished.  Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.  For more stubborn stains, make a paste of OXALIC ACID and water, apply to the stain and allow to stand a minute or two before rubbing.  Rinse and wipe dry.  To whiten iron stained clothes, presoak using 4 tablespoon of OXALIC ACID in 2 gallons of water. OXALIC ACID can also be sprinkled in the toilet bowl and other porcelain surfaces to clean embedded rust and hard water stains.

Available in 1 pound boxes with sealed plastic bags (12 per carton), 5 pound boxes with sealed plastic bags (6 per carton) and 25 pound and 50 pound multiwall paper bags with moisture barrier.


White crystal, dissolves clear


OXALIC ACID is extremely corrosive.


Be sure to always wear rubber gloves whenever handling OXALIC ACID.


Contains Oxalic Acid CAS #144-62-7.  Toxic by inhalation or ingestion.  Strong irritant.  Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact, flush with water for 15 minutes and get prompt medical attention. Do not breathe dust.  Keep away from food and food products.  If ingested, give large quantities of milk and induce vomiting. Follow with more milk and call a physician immediately.  Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.


Due to the use of this product beyond our control, we assume no liability for damages of any kind, and the user accepts the product "as is" and without warranties, expressed or implied, from either Empire Blended Products or its agents.  The suitability of the product for an intended use shall be solely up to the user. Our only obligation shall be to replace or pay for any material proved defective, with our liability limited to the purchase price of materials supplied by us.  

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