MasterWorks Master works M1 Trial Size (3lbs)

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Master Works M1 is a two component acrylic/mineral water based resin system suitable for casting,
laminating, over coating expanded foams such as EPS to provide a hard durable surface that is
non combustible and can also be sealed, painted or patinated.
The two liquid components are to be mixed by high shear at the ratio of 2 parts A to1 part B by
volume, or alternatively at 100/45 by weight. If the volume required is known, then an alternative
proportion is 69% A to 31% B.
The A component contains a rheology modifier (thickener) that is shear sensitive. When the two
components are mixed, the compound will thin, if required a further 0.5-1% water can be added to
further reduce the viscosity. Do not over thin, as the more water you include will slow the curing
process and will delay achieving the products final properties.
Once removed from the mould, achieving the final properties will be greatly accelerated by a warm dry
environment. The casting or laminate must be fully cured before coating with any non vapour
permeable coating such as oil based paints. Our acrylic sealer however, is vapour permeable and
can be applied the next day.

Features / Benefits
• Easy to use with simple mix ratios
• Water based with water clean up
• Low toxicity
• Non combustible
• Low odour
• Dimensionally stable,
• Low exotherm on set (30°C)
• No limit to casting mass
• Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
• Non-hazardous waste
• Versatile - can be filled and pigmented
• Can be continuously processed

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