Limeproof Brown 1lb Rainbow Cement Pigment

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GENERAL INFORMATION Mixing 5 pounds of color with 94 pounds of Gray Portland Cement and 200 pounds of yellow sand. In actual practice, variations from these colors may result due to local differences in the color of cement and sand used, the ratio of cement and sand, and the curing method used. In general, for cleaner, brighter colors, we recommend the use of White Portland Cement. MIXING DIRECTIONS If mixing is done by hand, place the sand in the bottom of the mixing box, spread the cement over it, and sprinkle the predetermined amount  three pounds, while deeper shades may require seven to eight pounds. Never use more than ten pounds of color per bag of cement. For mixing convenience, all colors are available in both 1 pound.of pigment over the cement. The whole batch should be thoroughly mixed dry until the entire batch is of uniform color and free of streaks. Water should then be added to bring the mixture to the proper consistency and the whole batch wet mixed. Do not use more water than is necessary as a wet mix is difficult to handle and weakens the concrete. On large jobs it is often economical to mix mechanically rather than manually. When using a mixer, the same care must be taken in weighing all ingredients and in thoroughly dry mixing to a uniform color before the water is added. QUANTITY RECOMMENDATION We generally recommend five pounds of color per ninety-four pound bag of Portland Cement. However, lighter pastel shades can be obtained using one to

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