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General: The compound shall be a hydraulic type cement which, when mixed with water, will harden rapidly to produce a permanent bolt-setting anchor. The compound shall conform to the following specifications, all of which are based on the performance of the test specimens at room temperature and in laboratory air.

Application: It shall be applied by pouring into place in a semi-fluid state, and shall be ready to use subject only to the addition of clear water.

Consistency: It shall require no more than 3 pints of water to ten(10) pounds of compound to achieve a pourable consistency that will flow freely form an inverted container.

Setting Time: It shall have an initial set of no more than thirty(30)minutes at 70O F and shall have a final set of no more than sixty (60) minutes as determined by Gilmore Setting Needles.

Linear Movement: It shall not shrink on setting, but shall exhibit a slight expansion of not more than 0.002 inches per lineal inch.

Weight Per Cubic Foot: It shall require no more than 92 lbs of dry compound missed with 3-1/2 gallons of water to fill one cubic foot of volume. Weight after setting up shall not exceed 120 pounds per cubic foot.

Compression Strength: Two-inch cubes made in accordance with ASTM standards tested on a Baldwin-Southwark Machine of 60,000 pounds capacity shall have the following average compression strengths:

Age: 1 Hour - 4,500 psi
24 Hours - 5,000 psi
7 Days - 8,000 psi

Contents: The compound shall contain neither Portland cement, ferrous metals, nor rust-promoting agents.

Yield – Volume Calculation
1 lb Rockite Cement yields 18.75 cubic inches
92 lb Rockite Cement yields one cubic foot

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