Extra Large Ribbon Tool #3

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Extra Large Double Ended Ribbon Tool

What you need for bigger sculpts!

Hand-crafted, stainless steel double ended ribbon tool from Cutting Edge Sculpture for sculpting/clay modeling and pottery.

Extra-large tools for extra-large sculptures! This is what you want for your next life sized bust, full body, or even a full size dinosaur or King Kong sculpture. They’re not just big, they’re extra strong too! Made with high quality 18GA (1.2mm) stainless steel ends, thick 3/8” (10mm) diameter brass handles wrapped in our rubberized no slip coating, and held together with a strong industrial epoxy. These tools are made with the professional artist in mind. Built to withstand the punishment of daily aggressive use! Simply put; they’re the toughest (and last) ribbon tools you can buy!

Ribbon tools are a staple of any sculpting kit. They are used for deep cutting and digging into clay for fast shaping of clay sculptures, wax, and pottery. Or they can be used for carefully smoothing surfaces by dragging the edge of the blade across the clay. This tool is 9-1/8" long (232mm) overall. The flat end is 1-1/4" wide X 1-7/8" from the handle. (32mm X 48mm) The round end is 2-1/8" wide X 1-1/4" from the handle. (54mm X 32mm)


Hand Crafted in the USA

Overall length is approx. 10.25” (190mm)

Tough metal handles

Tools ends are affixed to handle using industrial epoxy for strength and durability

Rubberized handles for no-slip grip

Super strong 18GA. Stainless Steel ends

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