ComposiMold ComposiMold Food Grade 40oz

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ComposiMold-Food Contact

Mold Making for Chocolates, Fondants, Gum Paste and More!

ComposiMold-FC is a 100% reusable mold making material for chocolate, fondants, and gum paste castings. It's a flexible, rubber molding material that works by melting and pouring. When you are ready to make your own molds that are unique. Many casts can be made using the same mold. ComposiMold-FC is good for the mold maker and confectionery artist because it can be reused to make different molds without worrying about wasting mold making material.

  • REMELTABLE food molds
  • REUSABLE Over 35 Times!

MAKE CHOCOLATE MOLDS THAT YOU WANT BY DUPLICATING YOUR OWN OBJECTS.Make your own molds for many different casting materials such as chocolate molds, fondant molds, gum paste, gummy recipes (chill your mold first), no rise cookie shapes (sugar cookies!) and more! (We are still experimenting with hot sugars, like Isomalt. So far it works with simple molds by freezing the mold first.)

ComposiMold-Food Contact conforms to ASTM D4236, Safe as an art material. 

ComposiMold is the easiest mold making material to use. The product is melted in the microwave and then used to create a mold of an original master piece. No weighing or mixing is necessary to complete the molding process. ComposiMold is a rubbery, flexible resin made from a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly materials. Unlike most flexible mold making materials, ComposiMold is a thermoplastic resin that can be melted continuously. ComposiMold is a reusable mold making material that works by melting and pouring. Many casts can be performed using the same mold. ComposiMold products can be reused to make different molds without worry ing about wasting mold making material. ComposiMold Conforms to ASTM D-4236 which states: The materials can be re-melted and used again over 35 times with no apparent change in chemical composition, appearance or function. If repeated oral ingestion were to occur, adverse effects would not be expected because the significant ingredients have very low toxicity and they are commonly found in foods. Although oral exposure is possible if the material were placed in the mouth, this is not intended and chronic repeated oral exposure is unlikely, even by young children, because of the probable poor taste and texture. ComposiMold is considered safe for ages 10 and up. The age limitation is set because of the potential for the ComposiMold to be high temperature when in the melted form. All ingredients used in ComposiMold are organic materials that will biodegrade when left in an aqueous environment. No petroleum products are used in ComposiMold. Although, the reusability means you do not need to dispose of the ComposiMold, it is compostable. ComposiMold is a unique, innovative product designed to enhance you mold making experience. It is a reusable mold making material that can make many molds and castings with only one mold making material. ComposiMold provides a unique solution to sculptors and artists by allowing molds to be easily fixed by either using heat to reshape the mold or by re-melting the composite and starting the mold over. The current record for the number of unique molds made with the same ComposiMold is 55. For this test, the ComposiMold is melted, a mold made, a part cast, and the cycle repeated. ComposiMold’s formulation provides a stable system with good mold strength, elongation of 150%, and longevity. ComposiMold is the easiest, most flexible molding system available: melt, pour, and use. It is also important to note that no dangerous chemicals are used in the product and therefore safe for both the end-user and the environment. ComposiMold’s key advantage over other mold making materials is the fact that the product is reusable. Compared to other mold making products, ComposiMold has lower costs due to the change in the paradigm. Since the mold can be reused multiple times, the more you use the product, the more money you save. Be sure to use the proper mold release for your project. ComposiMold – LT Amber color, medium stiffness, Shore A: 10-15, Elasticity 150% (describes the amount of stretch before breaking. 150% elongation means a 1 inch piece can stretch 2.5 inches before breaking), Good stiffness for many molds, Easy to handle part undercuts, easy to mold while still providing good strength.

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