Chavant Castilene Hard Green 40lb Case (2.5lb Blocks)

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Castilene is a new sculpture and prototype modeling compound. It is green in color and available in three consistencies (soft, medium & hard). 

Easily softened in sunlight, under light bulbs or just by the heat of your hands. Castilene models like clay and works like wax. It can also be melted down and poured. This allows for easy manipulation. It is sulfur free and a favorite among many toy and prototype designers.

  • 40% lighter than Plastiline
  • Self supporting without armature
  • All grades are compatible; hard for armature and building up piece, add soft and medium for detailing and modeling. Soft is susceptible to dings and bruising.

Working with Castilene...

  • To begin soften with your heat source (heat lamps, hot boxes, heat guns, crock pots, Microwaves, (BE CAREFUL NOT TO SUPER HEAT IN MICROWAVE OR AIR BUBBLES MAY RESULT), hot water, or double boiler) Do not use direct flame. The melting temperature is 170oF.
  • Hard Castilene will remain malleable while working if kept warm by heat lamps.
  • All general wax tools and wax carving methods are compatible with Castilene.
  • Heat your tools prior to carving
  • Chill Castilene to achieve optimum hardness for extreme sharp carving, detailing and burnishing.

Polishing & Finishing Methods..

  • .Use any wax compatible products: d-Limonene, Citrusol, GooGone, Mineral Oil Wintergreen Oil or petroleum products to lubricate the surface and polish with some cloth or burnishing tool.
  • No known chemicals degrade Castilene

Foundry & Fine Art Applications...

  • Sulfur Free!!!!
  • No problems with silicones or rubbers when making molds.
  • Can be burned out clean for lost wax casting.

Important Foundry Information...

  • Castilene contains an amount of organic material in its formulation and therefore, should be burned out and for a longer time than straight wax models. It is recommended that a temperature of 1500oF be maintained for 15 to 20 minutes longer than your normal burnout time for microcrystalline wax sculptures in ceramic shell molds. And a temperature of 1000oF or above for 1 to 2 hours longer if using plaster base investment depending on size of mold.
  • Sometimes a small amount of powdery residue may be left in the mold after burnout. This residue should be blown out with and air gun through the sprue and vents if using ceramic shell and vacuumed out if using plaster base investment. This procedure will assure fidelity to the surface detail of the casting.

Important Foundry Procedure...Castilene is a new product and therefore unfamiliar to some foundries, we offer the following suggestions for successful burnout:

  • The foundry should treat a Castilene sculpture such as a wax pattern would be treated when sprueing and gaiting with the exception that larger vents and drilled holes should be used for better flushing and blowing the powdery residue of the material.
  • If Castilene is trapped in an area of the mold that cannot be drained freely, it may char into hard pieces of material which cannot be blown out. This will result in imperfections in the casting. When draining, do not allow the Castilene to burn or flame. Burning may cause the material to form charcoal pieces to large to blow out of the mold. After draining, the temperature of the mold may be raised to complete the burnout.
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