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XLR-8 Accelerator Instruction SheetThe Compleat Sculptor 90 Vandam Street NYC 10013 Tech Support (212)367-7561 XLR-8 is a high efficiency accelerator used in conjunction with AquaResin gel coat, laminating and putty mixes. It is used primarily for reducing demolding and set times and is also useful for making a quick-set patching putty. 


Add XLR-8 to a premixed gel coat, laminating or putty mix. Stir 30 seconds The amount of XLR-8 to be added is calculated as a percentage of the total weight of the mix. Percentages are approximate. 

  • .025% - 0.5% XLR-8 can yield up to a 50% reduction in set time.
  • 0.5% - 1% XLR-8 can yield up to a 90% reduction in set time.


Avoid using XLR-8 in excess of 1% of the total mix.

 Note: 100 drops of XLR-8 = approximately 5 grams = approximately 1 teaspoon


When using AquaResin product in some alginate molds, it is necessary to “pre-condition” the mold with XLR-8 before proceeding. First, thinly brush XLR-8 onto the mold surface, then proceed as usual with the AquaResin application.


  • For 1,000 grams (1 kilogram) of mixed material:
    .025% XLR-8 would be 2.5 grams or approx. 50 drops (1/2 teaspoon)
  • For 1 pound (16 ounces) of mixed material:
    0.25% XLR-8 would be approx. 20-25 drops (1/4 teaspoon)
    0.5% XLR-8 would be approx. 40-50 drops (1/2 teaspoon)


  • Please Note:

While the shelf life of XLR-8 is typically several years, after some time a gray flocculent precipitate may form. This will in no way effect performance, and may be ignored or filtered off.

 Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Transient burning and irritation may result. Consult MSDS for more information. It is not recommended to premix and store XLR-8 with AquaResin “L” liquid. Consult MSDS for more information.  Contact us at 212-243-6074 or [email protected] for additional technical

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