Spra-Tool Jar with Lid

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Spra-tool� is a disposable spray gun with all the conveniences of an aerosol can; provides a controlled spray pattern for even coverage. Don't spend hours tediously brushing on paint, release agents or patinas, Spra-tool� is the quick and easy way to accomplish everything from the small craft project to touching up paint on a vehicle. Interchangeable spray tip inserts, Perfect for patinas! Ideal for fast drying, short-life epoxies, Convenient size with resealable poly jar, Fast clean-up, no brushes, rollers, or pans, No wires, hoses, batteries, or bulky compressors, Sprays most liquids, including higher-viscosity paints such as latex, Safe to transport. The complete kit includes the Power-Pack (#42298211), Jar with cap (#42298212), Snap-on head (#42298213), and two extra tips to accommodate various product applications.

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