2-3'' Tree Armatures

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Tree Armatures (Deciduous). 2" - 3" (5.08 cm - 7.62 cm) in height. Bend plastic Tree Armatures into any shape. This package contains 57 deciduous Tree Armatures from In scale, these trees would be approximately this tall: 27 to 40 feet tall (N scale); 15 to 22 feet tall (HO scale); and 8 to 12 feet tall (O scale). Bend and twist Tree Armature into a realistic shape. Apply Hob-e-Tac � to the branches. Let dry clear and use a variety of the of the following foliage materials to make all types of trees for our layout: Underbrush , Bushes , Clump-Foliage ��, Foliage Clusters ��, Lichen, Foliage, Fine-Leaf Foliage �� and Poly Fiber .

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