Winterstone Ultra 4lb

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The new ULTRA Mix is a rich, extra fine WINTERSTONE formulation with increased strength, toughness and bonding properties. It may be used on its own, without any additives, as the surface layering(s) of a sculpture (cast or directly modelled) where the sculptor desires a highly refined polishable/burnishable surface. It is also recommended as a surface medium for producing METALLIC effects: as an example a bronze metallic effect may be achieved by either of the following procedures: #1 - Addition of metallic powders (e.g. iron, brass, bronze) into the ULTRA Mix (at a suggested maximum of 1 part metallic to 3 parts ULTRA mix volumetrically); treating the cured/hardened surface with Reactive chemicals stains; followed by burnishing when dry. #2 – Addition of COLORIT-FX liquid colorant into mix water for the ULTRA (at a suggested maximum of 1 part colorant to 4 parts water); then applying a diluted COLORIT-FX onto the hardened surface; followed by burnishing when dry. Note: The procedures outlined in the SCULPTING MIX BULLETIN are applicable in using the ULTRA Mix on its own Method#1 is outlined in more detail in a technical information sheet herein. Method #2 is outlined in the COLORIT-FX section of this website In either case where a METALLIC effect is desired, selectively burnishing (Highlighting) using a soft bristle brass brush is recommended: i.e. rubbing/burnishing vigorously on prominent features of the sculpture and leaving the textured/recessed areas untouched or only lightly brushed – thus producing a quality of depth and “drama” to the overall metallic effect

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