Vinyl Bald Cap Extra Small

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MEL Caps are high quality vinyl bald caps formulated to have the strength and elasticity needed for the most rigorous on set applications. MEL Caps can be applied with your favorite adhesive and edges can be blended with acetone. Mel Products is your premiere location for FX Makeup.

The Paramount Plastic Bald Caps are popular among shows such as Shrek, Phantom of the Opera, The Blue Man Group and Saturday Night Live. Plastic Bald Caps are better than Rubber Bald caps because you can repair the cap with Cap Material and blend the edges with Acetone. Because you can practially get the edgest to disappear, this type of cap is very popular for close-up video and television work. To apply, first brush the subject's hair back with a fast drying spray or hair lacquer. Avoid gels as they tend to break down under the extreme heat of a bald cap. Position the cap on the subject's head and carefully cut out an area for the ears. Apply a layer of adhesive around the entire edge. Allow the adhesive to get tacky, then pull the cap down just a bit past the adhesive line and hold in place. Smooth away any excessive adhesive out the edge of the entire cap. To finish the treatment, melt or blend away plastic edges with acetone. You will need to use Rubber Mask Grease on any bald cap or you will need to prepare the surface for ordinary makeup

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