Full Finger Anti-Vibration Gel Gloves Extra Large

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Shock Impact Protection Gloves. Medium Weight, Full Fingers/ Thumb. Delivers maximum protection. A heavy weight product for serious applications. Visco-elastic shock absorbing padding on palm protects from shock and sudden impact. Top grain durable cowhide protection resists abrasion yet lets glove breathe, unlike leather substitutes. Kevlar� stitching for seam strength. Gunn-cut full-finger and thumb design keeps fingers warm in cooler weather. Wide, adjustable wraparound wrist strap helps support wrist from twists and bends. Scoop back comfort vent with Velcro� tab provides custom fit. Small: 7-1/2in. to 8in. Medium: 8-1/2in. to 9in. Large: 9-1/2in. to 10in. XL: 10-1/2in. to 11in.

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