1011 Stone Carving Workshop "Behind the Chisel" With John Fisher October 11-15 2017


Discover the image within the stone, a class in direct profile carving, taught by John Fisher. John will guide you through his creative process and stress the age old technique of profile carving. The class will give each participant hands on experience as well as extensive information on figurative stone carving. Do not miss this opportunity to work side by side with a master carver.

From the instructor: "In this class each student will be given a stone and they will be guided through the direct and profile carving methods. Day 1 we will set all the blocks up and work on then as a group to remove 30% of the weight off each block. I will include a block for myself. The next day we will begin by examining each block and discussing the multiple images that could come from each one. Then numbers will be drawn from a hat to assign a block to each participant and they can begin immediately to realize the image of their choice. I will be assisting each student to master the technique of profile carving. Work will continue daily until each person is able to bring their sculpture to a successful finish. I will be discussing each stage of the process and well as explaining the use of tools, stone, art history, Italy and so much more.  This will be an intense hands on experience. People will go home with a sculpture that far exceeds their expectations."

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