1007 Stone Carving Workshop "Behind the Chisel" With John Fisher October 7-9 2017


Discover the image within the stone, a class in direct profile carving, taught by John Fisher. John will guide you through his creative process and stress the age old technique of profile carving. The class will give each participant hands on experience as well as extensive information on figurative stone carving. Do not miss this opportunity to work side by side with a master carver.

From the instructor: “The purpose of this 3-day weekend class is to walk the participants through the creation of one of my sculptures, using the direct carving approach and the profile carving technique. There will be both demonstration and the possibility to participate in all phases of the project, the class would be run as part demo and part a group carve. After a brief introduction we will start by removing 30% of the weight of the block with everyone getting in on the action.  During this time we will be discussing the power of the abstract.  Then we will all sit back and see what possible images can be drawn out of the block.  Once we decide on an image we will begin realizing it using profile carving. I will be demonstrating the technique as well as giving each participant time under my supervision to assist so they can experience for themselves the effectiveness of profile carving and why it is so important to any sculptor. Work will continue on into the finishing stages, so that students can witness the entire process. The goal would be to finish the piece by the end of the class. I will be discussing many topics, tools, art history, Italy, and the life of a sculptor. Be prepare to learn, laugh and experience a dynamic approach to carving stone.”



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