Sculpture House Animal Armature 06"

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This strong, pliable 6" animal armature is the ideal support framework for modeling with sculpting materials that cannot support their own weight. It is made in a horse shape since most animals have this basic form.

Our No. AA8 armature is built of non-staining, non-corrosive aluminum wire with a steel backiron. The backiron is attached to a Formica base over a heavy gauge plywood. The backiron is adjustable so that you can position your sculpture for standing, kneeling or sitting.

If using moist (ceramic/pottery) clay, please note, the armature cannot be put in a kiln during firing. The clay will shrink but the wire will not, resulting in cracking and/or breakage. We suggest using a wet and twisted newspaper armature as the paper will burn off during firing; or a wax armature as the wax will melt during firing.

Made in U.S.A.

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