Polytek Skin Wax 5lb

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Poly Skin-Wax is a liquid at temperatures as low as 125 degrees F and is somewhat elastic when solidified. Used by melting in a therapeutic paraffin bath to make dipped or brushed molds of hands and feet. Not for use on sensitive areas such as the face (use Hydrogel instead). Poly Skin-Wax is a white, hard, dense, low shrinkage blend of wax and minerals which can be cast and carved. When cast, it replicates the mold surface in detail and finish. Tool cuts are smooth and lustrous. Dull surfaces can be hand polished with a soft cloth to a satin luster.


  • Softening point 126F
  • Use temperature 210-280F
  • Viscosity @ 212F 116 cps.
  • Cubic inches/pound 77F 19.5
  • Cubic inches/pound 212F 21.6.

METHODS OF USE: Skin-Wax can be poured into just about any type of mold with the exception of Latex that will be softened by continual uses. Most heat resistant resins and metal molds are also suitable, however, a small trial casting is always recommended to be sure castings release satisfactorily and do not damage the mold material. Skin-Wax cannot be burned out because of its high mineral content.

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