Wood Fir Block 4"x3.5"x24" #021003

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The straight grained and exceptionally strong Douglas Fir tree is one of the most dominant species in the Northwest forests. After a forest fire, the tree springs to life, growing thickly in the sunshine of a newly open area. Over the past 100 years, it has been the favorite species of silviculturists because of its fast growth and multitude of uses. Its stiffness and durability make it ideal for structural applications. It also makes a good flooring and paneling product as well as a fine trim for doors and windows. Douglas Fir is known for its distinctive grain patterns, produced by the varying degrees of spring and summer wood in the grain. The color differences between the two range from yellowish to reddish brown. Douglas Fir flooring ages to a warm orange-brown color.

Characteristics Of Douglas Fir:

Density(oven-dry): 0.51 g/cm3 
Specific Gravity (oven dry): 0.50 
Durability: Rated as moderately resistant to decay.
Finishing: Paints, stains, varnishes, oils and waxes all work well
Stability: Fir is the most stable softwood species
Workability: Easy to cut, saw, nail and glue

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