Stone 12lb Peach Translucent Alabaster 10x2x6 #251015

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The translucent peach alabaster is quarried from the mountains of Utah. The stones come in a beautiful sunset range of salmon to mauve. Sometimes this stone contains small pockets of dirt, but this only adds to its beautiful color scheme. Like other alabaster, it can be carved and polished by hand. But it is typically harder than the other european alabasters and can contain fissures or veins with mud. These are the features that create it's wonderful character. Because of its scarcity, availability is limited.
Alabaster was originally used for grand tables and furniture during the age of stone. It is said that the legendary Round Table of Arthur was of Alabaster white and red coral. Due to the ease with which it is carved, it became a popular statuary stone. The wide color variations also made it a favorite of toy makers. Children's marbles were made from alabaster in a variety of colors, hence the name "Ally." All of our domestic stones come from select quarries throughout the United States, and are of the highest quality. Shapes, sizes and weights vary.
PLEASE NOTE - As with all natural materials there is some variation amongst pieces. The color swatches above are examples of stones and do not represent the colors or patterns of every piece or any piece in it's entirety. Mother Nature controls what is inside the stone and she hopes you will find beauty in them all. There is no bad stone only unrealized sculpture.

This particular stone is 12lbs and is 10x2x6. It has no flat sides and is mottled between white, peach, and brick colors. There is a large chunk of dark red crystal on top and two drill marks on the side.

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