ISC Sculpture Magazine 36/9 November 2017

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Sculpture is an international, monthly magazine dedicated to all forms of contemporary sculpture. It contains provocative criticisms, knowledgeable technical discussions and timely exploration of new materials and techniques

On the Cover
Leonardo Drew, Number 186 (detail), 2016. Wood, paint, screws, metal, and Conte crayon, 180 x 109 x 25 in. Photo: Jason Wuche, © Leonardo Drew, courtesy the artist and Sikkema, Jenkins & Co., NY. 

In this Issue...
This month, Sculpture features artists who transform materials and processes to conceive new ways of approaching sculptural form. Leonardo Drew manipulates created, and sometimes found, materials in ways that mimic natural processes in his cohesive wall reliefs and freestanding works; Richard Nonas creates sparsely complex interventions that reveal a unique response to space as a sense of place; Susan Philipsz uses the physicality of sound to create sculptural experiences; Mitch Mitchell reimagines the medium of printmaking in three dimensions; Marcela Astorga confronts violence in materials that trace absence; and Sam Durant exposes injustices in incisive installations and sculptures that engage with the social realm. 

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