Hot Wire Foam Factory K42P6 Pro Kit With 6'' Hot Knife

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This kit includes the Pro 6" Hot Knife, Multi-Heat Pro Power Station, 85 minute Hot Wire Foam Factory instructional DVD and everything is packaged in a sturdy toolbox large enough to accommodate all the pro tools and accessories. Simply plug the Hot Knife into the included adjustable temperature Pro Power Station and start cutting!The Multi-Heat Pro Power Station has four heat settings which allows you to set the optimal cutting speed for all of our Craft and Pro Tools for more creative sculpting. This power supply has special overload protection and operates at 100-240 volts, so it can be used worldwide. Our 6" Hot Knife cuts 1.5x faster than the 8" model and gets as hot as foam can be cut without losing detail and charring. It is a combo hand held scroll saw and power drill that cuts foam with fast, clean surgical precision. This tool can only be used with the Pro Power Stations.

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