Holden's Latex Latex HX-660 5 Gallon

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HX-660 Latex is the prevulcanized form of HX-80. It was designed specifically for short run polyester work. When polyester resins are cast into natural Latex. a tackiness develops on the surface of the rubber and/or polyester cast. This is due to free sulfur not combining with the mold. The problem can be solved by using a prevulcanized Latex such as HX-660. Prevulcanized molding compounds contain no free sulfur on the surface and can therefore be used for short run polyester resin casting Avoids the necessity of an aluminum or plaster separator during the curing process. PREPARING MODEL: See instructions for HX-80. COATING THE MODEL: See instructions for HX-80. POST CURING: No post cure is necessary since the HX-660 is prevulcanized. STORING THE MOLD Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight.

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