Diamond Flat Glass File Set Fine 10pc boxset

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New one box set of assorted 10 pieces 140mm (5.5" inch) Diamond coated FLAT files.  (with 3 different GRITS)

File total length : 140mm (close to 5.5 inch)

Diamond coated length (working length) : 50mm (close to 2 inch)

Diamond Grit :

GREEN handle (Grit 60), Width 8mm, 6mm, 4mm and 2.5mm (1 piece each)

RED handle (Grit 150), Width 6mm, 4mm and 2.5mm (1 piece each)

YELLOW handle (Grit 320), Width 6mm, 4mm and 2.5mm (1 piece each)

Diamond coating : Both sides and edges (included the edge on the top)

Shapes : ALL Flat

Please add water for coolant when using diamond tools if possible.

Diamond surface is bonded to a steel blank by nickel plating. Diamond abrasives are highly versatile - great for many uses: grind hard-to-cut materials, fine-finish delicate surfaces, bevel edges, remove burrs, sharpen tools.

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