1028 JTM Silicone Painting (Hands On-Bring Your Own Head) 11am-4pm

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October 28th 11am-4pm

Designs to Deceive Special Effects Master Class Series

Important!!!! Bring your own silicone head or prosthetic pieces!

This workshop is a continuation of our "casting a silicone head" workshop. Good news is, if you missed it, no worries, you can still attend this one. Just bring in any unpainted silicone head.

This class will cover:

    - prep of surface for painting

    - mixing up paint bases

    - Solvents for silicone painting, and the pros and cons of each

    - painting techniques, (brush, airbrush, etc)

    - Pigments. whats out there, and how to use them.

    - drying and finishing


***Work clothes should be worn. A work Apron is a good idea

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